Bonjour, I’m Flavie!
I make minimalist luxury lingerie in playful colours

Lingerie is a superpower

It’s an adornment, a secret gift, just for you

Wear it like jewelry
as a self love practice,
as a reminder that you are amazing!

As a child, I was very sensitive and emotional.
I was girly and wanted to wear beautiful clothes, and I was told that was shallow.
Unconsciously, I learned it would be safer to suppress my feelings and desires.
I’d better be tough and assertive if I wanted to survive in this masculine driven world.
So I went and followed the path of serious adult life and miserable corporate jobs.

And then… I became a mom, and that changed everything!
I wanted my baby girl to be happy.
I had dreams of an amazing life for her, and I realized it had to start with me.
I had to become unapologetically myself to teach her to do the same.

I decided to follow my childhood dream of studying fashion design.
So as a broke 27 years old single mom, I went back to college. It was hard.

Fast forward 10 years (and a whole lot of deep inner work!)
I am so grateful to be working for myself, in my home studio in Montréal,
making the most beautiful lingerie for the most amazing women.
I love red lipstick, gold jewelry and dusty pink velvet sofas.
I see my sensitivy and emotions as assets. And I am unapologetically myself.

I started drafting bra patterns in 2013 because I couldn’t find bras that fit me properly while also being flattering. I’m a size 32DD and all I could find were thick padded cup bras with extra large straps, or cute ones which my breasts would jump out of!

What started out as a quest to make the perfect bra for myself ended up becoming my career, my spiritual growth and a tool to promote body positivity and self acceptance.

I launched my first ready to wear lingerie collection in 2018. Through these playful lace pieces, I encourage other women to love and empower themselves too. I also wish to promote slow fashion and conscious shopping.

And that is how lingerie has become my superpower!